Right On Top Of That Rose - Light Grey Prize Ribbon / R8-02

Right On Top Of That Rose - Light Grey Prize Ribbon / R8-02


'Don't tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead' fans will remember our favorite mentor, Rose. Sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it!

People deserve prizes for more than high jumps and pretty horses. Do you stay up til dawn? Is your best friend the raddest person you know? Is your new niece or nephew a prize? We should let the people we love know what we think more often. Give your favorite person a seal of approval with these fun ribbons!

<< This listing is for ONE light grey 'Right On Top of That, Rose' prize ribbon >>

The images and text in each prize are printed in fancy gold ink and the ribbon is a satin texture with a light sheen. These rosettes are made with 100% eco-friendly, bio-degradable ribbon, which is made in the USA.

The ribbon measures 2" across and 5.25" from top to bottom.

The prize ribbon is carefully packaged on card stock and sealed in a glassine envelope. Not all prizes will be mounted on the papers in the image but we can promise they are all awesome!

If you would like to send this as a gift, we are happy to attach a note on your behalf.

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