Werewolf Crew / #3

Werewolf Crew / #3


These spooky but loyal werewolves are ready to protect you and ward off any ghouls coming around!

They are made with hand-cut 1/4" thick birch and hand-painted with acrylic and gouache. There is a metal D ring on the back so each painting is ready to hang!

#3 measures 5" x 7"

You can find the rest of the crew here:

#1 http://scoutandwhistle.com/shop-art/werewolf-crew-gouache-and-acrylic-painting-on-wood-1

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#3 http://scoutandwhistle.com/shop-art/werewolf-crew-gouache-and-acrylic-painting-on-wood-3

#4 http://scoutandwhistle.com/shop-art/werewolf-crew-gouache-and-acrylic-painting-on-wood-4

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